The Journey So Far...

Dear friend,

Thank you so much for visiting my Shine Pilates page, I hope to see you in studio soon!

My name is Naomi Logan and I am a self-confessed Pilates geek.  I am passionate about the contemporary, cutting edge method of Stott Pilates and I consider it my honor to be able to go on an ever evolving life long journey in teaching, learning and sharing the amazing benefits of this form of Pilates.

For anyone that has known me a long time you will be aware of my incredible klutziness and unparalleled ability to trip over a flat surface ( even when stationary)!  I came to Pilates almost five years ago after my dubious gifts had torn the TFCC tendons in both wrists, dislocated my left shoulder five times and generally made mainstream fitness methods pretty much impossible without severe pain.

As you can imagine, my dreams of being a Silver Fern started to fade.  My coach was distraught, I had been the best all round reserve she had ever had.  My ability to sit on the bench game after game without needing to join my team on the court, my skill with handing out the drink bottles and my uncanny ability to catch each pass with my face had earned me many commendations for my enthusiasm!

So too farewell to my interpretative dance career.  Although my rendition of “HammerTime” by MC Hammer is still a talking point!

 At this point my long suffering hairdresser suggested I try a session with Sharon Currie from Core Pilates.  So, ever enthusiastic, I toddled along to one of Sharon’s sessions and experienced a eureka moment!  Exercise without pain!  A method that taught me mindfulness in body movement so I would proactively take control of situations that could injure me?  That moment when I realized I had found an exercise method that was not only dramatically toning and strengthening my body but also using medical science to manage and treat my injuries all while I was having fun can only be summed up with, Hallelujah!

Pilates has been my passion and my inspiration ever since.  My personal rehabilitation and exercise journey has supported and motivated my teaching so that I have been in a very lucky position to be able to empathize with my clients as they take control over their rehabilitation and fitness journey and through the many stages of their Pilates story.

Because I know the frustration of plateauing or even slipping back in my progress I am thankful to be able to understand my client’s journeys every step of the way.  Being surrounded by and mentored by the best and brightest in my field has been a privilege and a blessing.  Being entrusted with the care of such delightful and inspiring clients has been humbling and drives me every day to be the best I can be.

Fast forward several years from that fateful day I naively wandered into Sharon’s studio and here I am, embarking on the most rewarding and exciting phase of my life in starting up my own Shine Pilates studio.

To be continued….