Shine Pilates Pukekohe Studio Now Open!

I am so excited!



Shine Pilates’s Pukekohe studio at 5b West St, Pukekohe is officially open!


Firstly, thank you to all the loyal clients who have already snapped up many of the session times and continue to bring in friends and colleagues.  Welcome to the new studio to all of you, both old friends and new! :)


Secondly, thank you to the fabulous Pukekohe business community who have been so welcoming and supportive:)


2017 promises to be an exciting and invigorating year for us all and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that are on their way.


So….if your New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to improve your posture, reduce your stress, improve your breathing pattern, increase your metabolism and be happier…what are you waiting for?  Shine Pilates is open and taking bookings for just those results ;)


Over the holiday season it is easy to forget to take care of YOU.  Either we get too busy looking after the important others in our life or we forget the best way to care for ourselves.  Well now the holiday season is drawing to a close, it’s time to make a change…  


Come along to a Total Barre class and improve your posture and alignment.  Book in an Intensive Mat or Studio Session and take some time to focus on the importance of breathing efficiently.  Or, push yourself and allow yourself the achievement of completing an Athletic Circuit.  


Pilates not only benefits us physically but improves our mental focus with an emotional release of endorphins.  Let’s work together to resist the rush of everyday life that tempts us to neglect ourselves and our health and wellbeing and come along to class to feel energised.  


Think of your body as your bank account and every day stresses and strains as life’s bills.  You need to deposit goodness to ensure you stay out of the red ;)  


Let’s make 2017 the year you choose to put YOU first.